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We are Florida’s largest and most dynamic agricultural landowners who are working towards broad based citrus growth, land stewardship and sustainability

Based in Vero Beach, Premier Citrus origins began with a simple idea: look to the land for long-term transitional value. We are a Citrus company that started with careful acquisitions, one property at a time, many along Florida’s east coast. Once acquired, Premier has provided superior science based farming, results-focused financial management, innovative packing technology, and sustainable food safety platform.

On the production side, Premier Citrus has a full service grove care division, which includes all aspects of horticultural management including pre and post harvest nutritional application, fertilization, harvest management and daily grove supervision.

By combining these signature services together with our world-class marketing team who have over 100 years of industry marketing experience, we provide superior quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service to our clients.

Our reputation in providing the freshest, safest and highest grade Florida citrus to discretionary consumers both domestically and internationally is unrivaled.


As a vertically integrated operation, we control all facets of crop management, product traceability, packing, and marketing.

Farming Partner

Our experienced and certified managers work with our dedicated scientific staff to innovate and deliver top-grade citrus.

Packing House

Premier operates Florida’s newest, largest, most efficient, and technologically advanced packing house.

Bright Idea!

Discover the benefits of Natural
Light Labeling (NLL)

NLL is a cleaner and more efficient alternative to
traditional vinyl labeling. NLL uses natural light
energy to label citrus with brand logos, regulatory
food safety markings or any assortment of PLU’s.

By the Numbers

What sets Premier apart from the others


Square Feet

As the best Florida fruit shipper our state-of-the-art Packing house includes a refrigeration space that can accommodate 800 pallets of citrus.


Land Acreage

Amount of property Premier maintains and manages for growing citrus in the State of Florida.


Waste Reduction

Reduce paper, plastic, and glue by 100% when using NLL instead of traditional vinyl labeling.

When life hands you greening,

ApZ® is a promising new technology that may defeat greening.See How

History of

Innovation has brought agriculture and citriculture
forward with new varieties, cultural practices, and
pest and disease control. Today ApZ innovation
brings solutions to help defeat greening.

Big Brands Trust Premier

International and domestic food suppliers

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Florida citrus is our origin, our business, our focus and our passion.

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