Fresh Idea: What is Natural Light Labeling?

Discover the benefits of NLL (Natural Light Labeling)

NLLĀ® is an innovative technology that provides a cleaner and more
efficient alternative to citrus labeling than the traditional vinyl labeling.
By harnessing natural light, Premier Citrus is able to apply consumer
information directly onto fresh fruits. Completed in the packing house
this information is processed at lightning speed while on the sorting and
packing line. NLL can apply logos, product look-up numbers (PLU#), lot
numbers, brand information, country of origin, or even custom messaging
to your citrus without sacrificing time or quality.

The benefits of NLL are plentiful. The organic NLL is natural, clean, non-contact, permanent, flexible, safe, and it offers greater traceability than traditional vinyl labeling.


Attack on Citrus Greening

ApZ Technology to fight citrus fruit disease.

ApZ Technology is on the forefront of delivering therapies for Florida growers to fight citrus fruit disease.

Citrus growers worldwide are grappling with the invasion of citrus greening, a disease that has devastated industries not only in Florida but around the globe. ApZ is laser-based innovation with patented precision. It has emerged as a powerful technology to overcome the limitations that conventional methods of therapy cannot. ApZ laser technology reaches inside the plant right where citrus greening bacteria lives.

ApZ laser-based technology penetrates treatments into the tree’s vascular system. These treatments attack and disable the deadly bacteria within the infected trees. Field trials have pointed to the value of this technology, and ApZ is rapidly advancing the laser-based technology to commercial deployment. Innovation to make this technology effective and practical is occurring in the field in real time. Trials in Florida commercial citrus plantings are underway, and results indicate that the success in higher absorption of materials delivered through this technology will provide a much-needed new attack on citrus greening. Nothing like this approach exists in crop production, and the opportunities for progress in attacking citrus greening are just beginning. And we are just getting started.

100% Commitment to Excellence

Premier is an active participant in Florida agricultural trade organizations, a strong environmental steward of the land, an excellent employer, and a supporter of local communities.

History of Citrus Innovation

Cultural practices, and pest and disease control through innovation has brought agriculture and citriculture forward.

New Technology

Natural Light Labeling uses high speed light to apply consumer information directly onto citrus in an environmentally friendly manner.

Forward Thinking

New ApZ laser etching eliminates deadly bacteria and allows consumers to enjoy fresh, nutritious and healthy citrus fruit.

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Through innovation and new technologies, we strive to keep the Florida citrus tradition going

Dr. Harold Browning

Chief Science Officer